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distinguished by grain and warm, faded tones, this desktop lightroom preset gives your golden hour photos gorgeously dramatic, vintage film vibes.

'vintage bask' preset

$30.00 Regular Price
$10.00Sale Price
  • This arynlei preset is intended for RAW photos and is to be used in the Lightroom desktop version. These are not filters you can use in an app on your phone. Presets MIGHT work on some JPG photos, though inconsistently, and may require more adjustments. The examples seen were all edited with one click and have no additional adjustments. However, presets work differently on every photo depending on lighting, colors, etc., so you will likely need to adjust settings a bit after applying this preset to get optimal results for your photo. This specific preset, vintage bask, works great on photos shot in natural environments during golden hour (the hour leading up to sunset).