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That's right, I'm sharing my full sets, exclusive glimpses behind the scenes, creative details, giveaways, and so much more just for Patreon patrons! I also have so much knowledge to share: all things technical, conceptual, practical, and creative are fair game! Are you along for the ride?

meet the team


Taryn Hampton

Owner & Lead Creative

aka "arynlei"



Director of Global Growth Opportunity

aka "doggo"

about arynlei

Taryn Hampton is from and currently resides in the Chicago suburbs. In 2015, she earned her BA studying Studio Art and Computer Science from DePauw University. Taryn went on to earn her MFA in Digital and Experimental Media from Kansas State University in 2018.

Taryn is passionate about the environment, slow fashion, and travel, and has kept a finger on the pulse of online social trends for the last 5 years. One of her favorite and most memorable projects took place in 2016 when she completed a 7-day, 6-state, 2000 mile solo road trip that was determined entirely by Twitter polls sent from the road the day prior. She went on to complete her MFA thesis on the effects of viral travel photography on Instagram culture, tourism, and the environment. 

Taryn Hampton created the pseudonym "arynlei" in 2016 when she started sharing more of her life and works online. Arynlei has since evolved into the artist identity and creative business you see today.

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