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Every Single Instagram Strategy Ranked by Cost

People are doing all kinds of crazy shit to grow their Instagram following these days. I’ve been actively growing my Instagram for almost 2 years now, am a part of numerous strategy groups on Facebook, and also keep up with emerging trends via countless blogs and articles. I really think I've seen it all! Here is a comprehensive list of ALL Instagram strategies - the good, the bad, AND the ugly - I have EVER come across, ranked in cost from free to literally insane.


  • Curate your profile

  • Write a succinct bio

  • Define your niche

  • Have a handle that is short, easy to read/spell/pronounce, and niche specific

  • Use a good profile pic

  • Post great content

  • Take high quality photos

  • Use consistent filters, but not too many and definitely not on full strength

  • format images to 4x5, portrait, no borders

  • Post content that fits the season

  • Post pictures with faces in them (no really, they tend to do better)

  • Write clever / unique captions

  • Ask questions in your captions to encourage people to comment

  • Buy cute clothes or accessories for flat lays, then return them

  • Draw people to your profile

  • Use all 30 hashtags on every post

  • Vary your hashtags between posts

  • Follow / unfollow accounts in your niche

  • Join engagement or like groups

  • Join weekly shoutout groups

  • Tag feature accounts, get featured

  • Encourage people to keep engaging with your content

  • Post consistently, but wait a few hours between posts and never more than 3 times a day

  • Post around the same time every day

  • Engage (like/comment) with others in your niche

  • Post to your story often

  • Write long captions / post video / use the carousel feature to keep users engaged on your content longer


  • Buy photo editing apps to develop a consistent aesthetic

  • Buy an app that lets you plan your feed in advance

  • Join several telegram like pods then buy a bot that does the liking for you

  • Buy fake likes and followers from shady foreign accounts


  • Sponsor your posts as a business account

  • Organize a solo giveaway

  • Organize a loop giveaway

  • Buy powerlikes

  • Or just buy an account that already has lots of (shitty, non niche-specific) followers


  • Buy decent lighting equipment and/or a tripod

  • Get the adobe creative suite for professional level editing capabilities

  • Curate your home meticulously

  • Buy / wear / tag popular designer brands in your posts

  • Buy a cute-ass puppy

  • Travel to popular or scenic locations for the photo ops

  • Hire an account manager (someone to do all of that free shit for you)

  • Hire a professional photographer


  • Buy a nice-ass camera and lenses and then maybe take classes to learn how to use them

  • Get a bunch of Instagrammer friends, go on fabulous trips together, post pics of you all being besties

  • Secretly organize trips with other Instagrammers, post shockingly similar content, cry plagiarism, profit off of the drama. No really, this really happened.

  • Or just have a baby! It doesn’t even have to be cute. #doitforthegram

What do you think - did I miss anything? Is there anything you want to hear more about? Let me know in the comments!


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