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Golden Hour: What a Difference an Hour Makes

Karl (@karl_shakur) and I had arrived at Forrest Gump Point at 7:15 on June 15, 2019 with a lengthy shot list. Shooting in direct sunlight is tricky, so after moving through the shot list once, we decided to revisit this shot with our new dreamily-toned surroundings.

We took the first image at 7:32pm. We took the second image at 8:28 pm.

Here's the difference that hour made:

  • Even light cast on skin (no shadows on left side of body)

  • Cooler tones overall

  • Gorgeous sunset sky

  • Yellows in soil toned down

  • Monument Valley buttes cast in dreamy purples and highlighted in rich reds

  • Pavement darkened and neutralized

Next time you're shooting in golden hour, it might just be worth it to wait a little longer! And if you're looking for more guidance on light conditions wherever you are, check out the app PhotoPills.

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