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'at the table' playing cards

Each card featuring a unique design inspired by the tables that draw us together.

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the story

The ‘At the Table’ playing cards are, aptly named, a celebration of the Table and the ways we gather around it. Two years of global pandemic drove our interactions online, creating a vacuum where in-person happenings once were. This deck and each of its variations are a response to longing for a time less socially distanced. Each card celebrates the universal experience of coming together around a table to make, play, eat, drink, converse, and above all else, connect.

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the art

Each card face in this deck began as a memory, either my own or one generously shared with me by this project’s community of followers. Through its illustration, each card becomes a lens through which to view a precious moment shared around a table. Stories of love, loss, creation, and laughter, and tales of adventure, tradition, and chance take center stage. The suit and number offer subtle additional context to group like experiences, while the pips live immersed in each of the illustrations. The words surrounding each illustration hint at hidden meanings within each card, gently guiding interpretations alongside the card's imagery. 

the gallery

See them made & hear their stories: Instagram | TikTok

submit your story

submit your story

to the "table cards" project


  • If chosen, your story would be read aloud in an "table cards" episode and published to both TikTok and Instagram Reels by my channel, @arynlei. It will accompany a playing card design based on your story.

  • Before designing a card or beginning video production, I will email you to double check details and get any visual references or photos you may have that could enhance your story or aid my design.

  • Regardless of whether your story is chosen for a card, anything you submit in this form will remain confidential until I gain your explicit consent to share.

  • If your story is chosen you will receive a complimentary digital download of the card your story inspires.


  • The theme of this deck is the table, therefor your story should be centered around an activity or meal that takes place at the table. This can include non-table surfaces like a car center console or picnic blanket, but should focus on non-digital interactions and shared experiences.

  • Please write your story outside of the form so you can check it for spelling and grammar, and so you can do a word count. 

  • Stories should be between 100 and 300 words. 

  • If your story includes any difficult-to-pronounce words or names, especially non-english words, please include a note on pronunciation in parentheses.

  • If you want to remain anonymous, please leave the name and handles fields blank and change any names and/or identifying details in your story.

  • If you have any questions or comments, let me know in the Notes section :)


Thanks so much for submitting your story!

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