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In case you haven't heard, this deck is kind of a big deal.

The ‘At the Table’ playing cards are, aptly named, a celebration of the Table and the ways we gather around it. Two years of global pandemic drove our interactions online, creating a vacuum where in-person happenings once were. This deck and each of its variations are a response to longing for a time less socially distanced. Each card celebrates the universal experience of coming together around a table to make, play, eat, drink, converse, and above all else, connect.


the uncut deck

pulled from production pre-slice & perfect for display

table_BLUE PLAY 1_hearts-02.png

Each card face in this deck began as a memory, either my own or one generously shared with me by this project’s community of followers. Through its illustration, each card becomes a lens through which to view a precious moment shared around a table. Stories of love, loss, creation, and laughter, and tales of adventure, tradition, and chance take center stage. The suit and number offer subtle additional context to group like experiences, while the pips live immersed in each of the illustrations. The words surrounding each illustration hint at hidden meanings within each card, gently guiding interpretations alongside the card's imagery. 

table_BLUE PLAY 1_hearts-02.png

the card gallery

scroll through each design and read the stories behind your favorite cards

limited edition prints

Collect your favorite cards.

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