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where play meets display

the uncut deck

The At the Table Playing Cards pulled straight off the factory press at the United States Playing Card Company before being cut and boxed. Featuring a display of 56 playing cards, front and back, these archival sheets are extremely rare and are a striking way for collectors to display all card faces at once.

Uncut PLAY Deck in Blue

Both PLAY Decks and the ART Deck are available as Uncut Decks. With the former, 100 of each exist, and with the latter, only 25. Uncut ART Decks released in small batches, please email to inquire about availability.

All 52 artworks, jokers, and ad cards in one frame-able sheet. Printed in vibrant color and pressed with USPCC's signature Air Cushion finish. Measures approximately 22 inches wide by 26.5 inches tall. 

The faces of this 52 card standard playing card deck each have a unique illustration based off of memories shared around the table. The 2 included jokers are blank, meant to be scribbled, sketched, or annotated with whatever happens at your table. The deck is rounded out by 2 ad cards; one is double-sided, and the last contains a letter from me describing the project and my thanks for each collector’s part in bringing it to life.

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