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I’m a multidisciplinary digital media artist thriving online. My practice is driven by connection and participation so don’t be shy, come say hi.

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ps - it's pronounced "air-in-lee"

Hey hello howdy. I'm an artist from the Chicago suburbs, proudly carrying the nostalgic badge of a 90s kid. Growing up, the internet was a destination— a desk, a screen, a separate realm from real life. We used to announce “brb” when we had to step away, but with the internet now in our pockets, on our wrists, and integrated into our environments, do we ever really step away? The disappearance of this divide sparked an exploration of the enmeshment between digital and real, and a desire to recapture moments of that nearly forgotten separation.


I earned my Bachelor's degree from DePauw University majoring in, unsurprisingly, Studio Art. However my journey is influenced by diverse interests, evident in my undergraduate minor concentrations in computer science and economics. These disciplines remain present in my artistic practice through an ongoing exploration of systems. Attention to relationships, patterns, and networks of connections serves as the foundation of my creative universe.


As I earned my MFA from Kansas State University, one of my notable endeavors was a 4000-mile road trip derived from Twitter polls, a large-scale performance piece inspired by the situationists. Much like their exploration of cities through made-up rules of transit, I ventured into the topography of the western United States for the first time, guided solely by the directions of strangers on the internet. The aim was to forge a more direct connection between digital and real footprints. My thesis work pressed onward into the intersection of cartography and social media, mapping viral travel destinations and exploring their profound impacts on local economies, cultural perceptions, and digital expression. 


My current project, At the Table, involves designing playing cards that honor my own memories as well as those sent in by worldwide participants. These stories transcend borders yet share a setting: the Table. Through social media, I document the creation of each card and share the tales that inspired them, creating a global network and community. This undertaking occupies both digital and physical spaces, and ultimately results in a tangible product—a deck of playing cards—that fosters pockets of offline interaction. It's a journey that combines my artistic interests with a commitment to bridging the gap between digital and real-world experiences.


Thank you for paying my corner of the internet a visit! Consider bringing a piece of it into your world with a deck of playing cards, or share your world with me by submitting a story to the project. Interested in collaboration? I'd love to hear from you—drop me an email and let's create something together!

ciao for now! <3 @arynlei

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