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Home of the At the Table Playing Cards

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Welcome to the heart of the At the Table project – where every game shuffles collective memories from tables worldwide, each card a portal to its own tale. Explore, Collect, and Create Memories Beyond the Deck.


As a designer, illustrator, and storyteller, it’s been my honor to curate tales that transcend borders yet share a setting: the Table. What began from revisiting and documenting my own memories evolved into a project of global participation. These narratives come alive on each playing card, transforming a simple deck into a vibrant weaving of cultures and shared experiences.

Explore the Card Gallery to immerse yourself in the captivating stories behind each illustration. But this isn't just an exploration—it's an invitation. Join the At the Table community, browse the Shop for your own deck or art prints of your favorite cards, and even contribute your tales to the project’s evolving narrative. 


As I compile stories for a coffee table book and plan future decks, my hope is to honor these memories shared around tables and to create new moments of joy and connection through the communal experience of play.

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the card gallery

scroll through each design and read the stories behind your favorite cards

join the community

tag #atthetablecards on Instagram to be featured (or DM me! @arynlei)

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Coming soon...

Dreamland Playing Cards

Pre-order launch in April 2024. Visit the project site and join the email list for early access to the drop!

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